T&T Won the Draw

Interestingly and more importantly it was observed that “sport is not only about performance, competitions and World Cups and star athletes. It is also about developing a sense of community and common purpose. Sport is about humanity.”
The strong sense of national pride generated in Trinidad and Tobago as the national team made its way through several encounters culminating in the World Cup Finals, has not been generated by any other aspect of life in that nation’s history.
The pride of Caribbean people as Trinbago drew with Sweden goes well beyond anything ever generated, even by cricket.
The reality is that perhaps of all aspects of life in this Caribbean region we call home, sport has time and again revealed itself to be the greatest single rallying factor.
Perhaps the politicians may one day come to an understanding of this phenomenon and learn from it.
Whatever happens in their other encounters, the draw against Sweden is historic and provides us with more the enough to savour.

The SVGNOC also joined the rest of the world in extending its sincere congratulations to the Trinbago team on its performance against Sweden. The message states:
“ On behalf of the National Olympic Committee and all sporting bodies in St Vincent and the Grenadines we wish to convey to you and through you to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation and the entire Trinidad and Tobago Team at the current World Cup our sincere congratulations on the impressive performance in your very first match at the 2006 World Cup against Sweden.
It has often been said that good things come in small packages and there is no doubt that being the smallest nation ever to reach the World Cup Finals, Trinidad and Tobago have surely shown this to be evident.
There is very good reason for us to believe that in much the same way that the international football community have come to respect your leadership skills so too it will come to respect Football in Trinidad and Tobago.
Best wishes for the remaining matches.”