Team Athletics SVG Constitution

a. Shall comprise all of the athletic officials in St Vincent and the Grenadines, at least one (1) of whom shall be nominated to the Executive.
b. Shall be headed by the Director of Officiating, who is appointed by the Executive.
c. Shall be responsible for:
– the co-ordination of athletics officiating in the state;
– the organisation of training programmes for athletic officials;
– the nomination of officials for advanced and other officials development programmes;
– the preparation and administration of a National Officials Certification Scheme;
d. Shall be represented at General Meetings on the invitation of the Executive Committee.
NB. All Commissions shall submit written reports on their proceedings to the Executive within seven (7) days of their conclusion.
The Executive has the authority to appoint such other Commissions as are deemed necessary. The life of such Commissions shall be the same as that of the Executive.