Team Athletics SVG Constitution




1. Any person(s) or affiliate(s) of Team Athletics SVG whose conduct is construed as liable to bring Team Athletics SVG into disrepute, shall have disciplinary proceedings taken against them.
2. The offending party/parties shall be informed in writing by the Chairman of the Disciplinary Commission, of the charge(s) being laid and of the date, time and place at which the Disciplinary Commission shall meet on the matter. In such cases the Disciplinary Commission may request either the presence of the offender(s) or alternatively, a written response from the offender(s) on the charges.
The offending party shall have the right to be represented by legal Counsel or some other person present and assisting or acting on his/her behalf.
3. In the event of the party/parties involved in matters brought before the Commission not being satisfied with the conduct of the hearings and/or the recommendations of the Commission, a written appeal must be submitted to the Executive within seven (7) days of receipt of the decision.
Upon receipt of the appeal, the Executive may refer the matter to the National Court of Arbitration for Sport (NCAS) or may convene an Independent Commission to hear same and make final recommendations.
The aggrieved party, still not satisfied, may ask for the matter to be referred to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (ICAS), whose decision is final.
4. The General Meeting shall take disciplinary actions against any member of the Executive whose conduct is inclined to bring Team Athletics SVG into disrepute or whose performance as an Executive member can be deemed inimical to the interest of Team Athletics SVG.
The aggrieved party may however lodge appeals as per Clause (3) above.
5. Team Athletics SVG shall abide by the IAAF provisions in Rule 54 for Disciplinary Procedures in Non-Doping Cases.