Team Athletics SVG Constitution




1. Officials accompanying representative teams shall submit, within seven (7) days of return, reports in respect of the team’s performance as well as of the proceedings of meetings attended on behalf of Team Athletics SVG.
2. Where female athletes under the age of eighteen (18) years have been selected on representative teams, such teams shall include a Chaperone for these athletes.
3. The criteria for selecting officials to accompany teams shall be:
a. Managerial capability
b. Maturity and sense of responsibility
c. Coaching capability
d. Consistency of performance in respect of the interest and activities of Team Athletics SVG.
e. Performance record on previous assignments representing Team Athletics SVG.
4. Clubs, Teams or Individuals desirous of competing abroad must first apply to and receive approval, in writing, from the Executive. This is in accordance with the IAAF Rule 3, Subsection # 5.
5. All members of national representative teams of Team Athletics SVG shall sign the approved Code of Conduct. Failure to do so shall be interpreted as withdrawal from the team.



Team Athletics SVG adheres in full to the IAAF’s Rule 7 in respect of Athletes’ Representatives.