Team Athletics SVG Constitution




1. Team Athletics SVG, in organising and/or participating in competitions shall abide by the IAAF provisions of Rule 3 in all aspects.
2. There shall be such competitions as Team Athletics SVG may deem necessary and expedient to the promotion and development of amateur athletics in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
3. Only affiliates whose subscriptions are not in arrears shall be eligible to participate in competitions either organised or sanctioned by Team Athletics SVG.
4. Athletic competitions not organised by Team Athletics SVG shall receive approval to be held under the auspices of the Association upon written application for such approval by the organisers.



Team Athletics SVG adheres in full to the IAAF’s Chapter 3, Rules 30 through to 45, in respect of Anti Doping measures.



1. The Quorum at the Quadrennial, Biannual, and Emergency General Meetings shall consist of at least one third (1/3) of the affiliates of Team Athletics SVG and seven (7) members of the Executive, at least one (1) of whom must be a principal officer.
2. The Quorum at Executive Meetings shall be seven (7) members, at least one (1) of whom must be a principal officer.
3. The Quorum at Special General Meetings shall be 50% plus one, of the membership of Team Athletics SVG.
4. In the event of any Meeting of Team Athletics SVG not being held on the first occasion on which it is called, due to the lack of a Quorum, those present at the second meeting shall constitute a quorum.