Team Athletics SVG Constitution



There shall be two (2) categories of membership of Team Athletics SVG:
1. (a) Ordinary Membership shall be open only to Clubs and Schools within the State of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who display an interest in the promotion and development of athletics and who, in applying for membership, fulfil the requirements of Article VII of this Constitution.
1. (b) Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Educational Institutions shall have membership under the Schools category as three separate entities, each of which shall only be permitted two (2) delegates to General Meetings of Team Athletics SVG.
1. (c) Ordinary Members shall have full voting rights at meetings of Team Athletics SVG, and shall be eligible for election to positions on the Executive.
2. (a) Honorary Membership shall be granted by Team Athletics SVG to members of the state who have contributed significantly to the development of athletics at the local, regional and/or international levels.
2. (b) Honorary Members shall have no voting rights and shall not be eligible for election to positions on the Executive.