Team Athletics SVG Constitution




1. The Executive of Team Athletics SVG shall be elected at the Quadrennial General Meeting and shall hold office for a period of four (4) years.
2. The Executive shall comprise the following Officers:
a. The President
b. The Vice President/Public Relations Officer
c. The General Secretary
d. The Treasurer
e. The Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
f. The Games Secretary
g. One (1) Athletes’ Representative
h. One (1) Coaches’ Representative
i. One Technical Officials’ Representative
j. Three (3) Committee Members.
k. Immediate Past President
The Executive shall have the following duties:
a. To prepare and submit an Executive Report on its term of office at the Annual General Meeting;
b. To nominate representatives to all organizations to which Team Athletics SVG is affiliated;
c. To establish such Commissions as may be deemed expedient to the work of Team Athletics SVG from time to time;
d. To co-opt persons from among the Ordinary Membership, between General Meetings of Team Athletics SVG, to fill any vacancy arising on the Executive;
e. To select officials to accompany selected representative teams of Team Athletics SVG at home and abroad.
f. To submit Audited Financial Reports at the General Meeting.