Team Athletics SVG Constitution

1. Shall be responsible for all Minutes of meetings of Team Athletics SVG.
2. Shall be responsible for liasing with the President in respect of correspondence and matters pertaining to the agenda for meetings of Team Athletics SVG.
3. Shall keep and maintain all records of Team Athletics SVG.
1. Shall keep the financial accounts of Team Athletics SVG.
2. Shall deposit all funds of Team Athletics SVG in such Bank(s) stipulated by the General Meeting, within ten (10) days of receipt, unless otherwise directed by the Executive.
3. Shall preside as Chairman of the Finance Committee, and submit an annual budget to the Executive pending ratification by the General Meeting.
4. Shall submit an Audited Statement of Accounts at the Annual General Meeting.
5. Shall submit regular reports to the Executive on activities of the Finance Commission and on the state of Team Athletics SVG’s finances.
1.Shall be responsible for the recording of all decisions taken at Executive and General Meetings
2. Shall assist both the General Secretary and the Treasurer in the execution of their duties.
3. Shall be responsible for the library of Team Athletics SVG and all records accruing therefrom.
4. Shall produce and keep an annual update on all statistics of athletes of St. Vincent and the Grenadines whether they are achieved locally or abroad.