The 17th Commonwealth Games begin

Almost everyone here seems anxious to be a volunteer.
There are some 350 or more volunteers who have signed up to drive cars for VIPs and another 1700 who are driving teams.
There are literally thousands of volunteers who are engaged in the various aspects of the organisation of these Games.
The organisers engaged in a very extensive recruitment and training of volunteers before arriving at the final selection.
Volunteers come from all segments of Melbourne society and from farther afield as well, all eager to be a part of this sporting encounter.
The Vincentian team to the Commonwealth Games may well count itself fortunate to have as its team attachés a former Minister of Sports in Australia, Tom Reynolds, and his wife.
Every possible aspect of the hosting of the Games has been catered for and adequately served with volunteers.

Good Games
As expected there are some controversies surrounding the Games but these are minimal here in Melbourne where the overwhelming majority of citizens are on board.
The President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Mike Fennell of Jamaica, has endorsed the preparations and already boasts of it being the most successful in the history of the organisation.
The competition’s stage has been so well orchestrated that only the very best results can be expected.
These Friendly Games are expected to live up to its name and set new standards for the future.