The Calvert Woods legacy

During a brief visit to St Vincent to discuss the Right on Track Programme (ROT), Trinidad and Tobago’s lone Olympic gold medallist, Hasely Crawford, witnessed Calvert at work. The occasion was the annual Campden Park Secondary School Sports. Calvert was already well into the throes of his illness but he could not stay away. He had to ensure that all was well and that the event was a success. Scarcely able to speak Calvert wanted the event to have the professionalism he always sought.
Crawford saw the athletes process from the Call Room onto the field and to their respective starting points. He saw the finishers process to the recording table. Crawford then asked, “Is this the Inter School Championships?” When told that this was not the case but rather was the annual Meet of a secondary school, the outstanding Olympian expressed surprise, then admiration. He quickly observed, “That does not happen in Trinidad and Tobago. Things are not so well organised.” Crawford was then introduced to Calvert Woods, the man who felt that all sports Meets ought to have been professionally orchestrated and managed. He wanted all schools to adopt the same approach and so enhance the product – athletics.
Sport in general had to be developed as part of the broader national sports development process, as far as Calvert was concerned. In this regard he was prepared to work diligently all of the time. He saw sport as integral to the development of the individual and afforded the individual opportunities based on talent as much as on academic achievement.
Calvert’s vision for the sport development process in St Vincent d the Grenadines was perhaps matched only by his commitment to the realisation of it. This is perhaps his greatest legacy to us in St Vincent and the Grenadines who have chosen to commit ourselves to sport.
TASVG and the National Olympic Committee have recognised the contribution of Calvert Woods to the national, regional and international sports movement and have enshrined his legacy in their work.
It is hoped that the sports fraternity in St Vincent and the Grenadines would learn from the work of Calvert Woods in sport.