The case for NACAC Products

Matching of competencies

The systematic organisation and development of NACAC Athletic products would mean the availability of ample opportunities for MFs to engage in the matching of competencies at a number of different levels.

Greater challenges for coaches and MFs, generally

Coaches would relish the opportunity to showcase their skill competencies at the region’s highest athletics forum. They would be more readily motivated and regularly so once it is recognised that the USA is involved in every major competition at the NACAC level, annually.

Coaches from the subsets of NACAC are more likely to work diligently with their charges to prove their worthiness in the profession of choice.

Motivation for athletes

Athletes from the various segments of NACAC would be motivated at every level to compete on an even playing field with everyone else and more consistently.

If the athletes from the Caribbean and Central America compete favourably with those from the USA and Canada and do well, they are more likely to stay with the sport and would be more driven to compete favourably in competitions ate every higher levels in NACAC.

This would do better for the sport.