The case for NACAC Products

Higher performance standards

Athletes are more likely to raise the bar in respect of their performances in NACAC competitions because they would be aware of the existing performance standards of the larger countries in the organisation.

The performances of Kim Collins and others from the very small islands reflect already the benefits from a more systematic approach to the development process within the IAAF and more specifically within NACAC.

These performances can and must be used to stimulate greater interest in working more deliberately at improving performance standards.

These standards are more likely to be attained if there is regular competition within the broader NACAC Area.

Greater sponsorship potential

The involvement of the USA and Canada in NACAC events more deliberately would likely lead to greater markets being available to potential sponsors.

The clear prejudice inherent in the way US corporations do business where Americans stand to benefit would lead to a boon in respect of possible sponsorship for NACAC athletic events.

There is also the seemingly inevitable Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) looming on the horizon. This would create synergies that NACAC should seek to capture at the very beginning.

More US corporations are likely to enter the NACAC market and hence would be more favourably disposed to joining an aggressive athletics programme that guarantees high visibility and extensive reach among communities in the Area.