The case for NACAC Products

Likelihood of television coverage and rights

Given the foregoing issues relative to the FTAA and the vast potential attendant to it for sponsorship, there is the greater likelihood of the events being viewed as far more attractive to television operators. Tied to this is the issue of television rights if the appropriate strategies are adopted and rendered sufficiently creative and viable.

NACAC Kids Athletics

The NACAC Kids Athletics Programme is replete with potential. It brings kids and their parents into the sport thereby offering great marketing opportunities.

If properly established the Kids Athletics Programme can potentially create the ideal base for the sport to not only rapidly enter the take-off phase in the NACAC Area, but more importantly, guarantee sustainability so critical to the overall development process in all its facets.

The Kids Athletics Programme has the potential to become an integral part of the overall curriculum of every school in every country within the NACAC Area thereby giving the MF an appropriate point of departure for the cultivation of a culture of athletics in the respective country.