The case for NACAC Products

From the foregoing base the following is being proposed:

    * a. NACAC Kids Athletics Festivals held annually by MFs

      One idea is to have this event become the main activity among MFs to observe the IAAF’s Annual World Athletics Day celebrations.

      b. NACAC Regional Kids Athletics Festival

      Consideration should be given to the introduction of a regional activity for the winners of the Kids Athletics Festival in each country. This would serve as an incentive to the children and their parents.

NACAC Age Group Championships

These Championships should follow the format currently used by the Biennial CAC Age Championships except that the athletes should be in the following categories: 10-11 and 12-13 years respectively.

NACAC Juniors

These Championships should follow the format of the Carifta Games and CAC Junior Championships, inclusive of the age categories: Under 17 and Under 20 years respectively.


In these Championships the competition should span three to four days.

NACAC is perhaps the only Continental Body within the IAAF that does not yet have an Open Championships.

The chief protagonist of such an event has long been Bahamas’ Alpheus Finlayson.

The time has come upon us when it seems necessary to take the plunge and allow our Area, the leading Area in Track and Field Athletics, to showcase the very best athletes in the world, especially in sprints, hurdles and the relays.