The case for NACAC Products

NACAC XC Challenge

The first edition of this event was held in Orlando, Florida in 2005 and seems to have the potential to develop into a major Meet.

The importance of this Meet would be realised as the marketing benefits are realised.

There is already a sense that this event could now become a major fixture on the annual NACAC Calendar.

NACAC Combined Events Championships

The inaugural Combined Event Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico, was a remarkable success and highlighted the capacity for growth and development.

The attainment of several personal bests either overall or in individual events within the competition allows the success of the event to market itself throughout the region.

One of the most notable features emerging from the competition is the eagerness of the participants to come again next year and to tell others about the nature of the event and its great potential for the development of one component in the wide field of track and field athletics.

The first experience, accompanied as it was by the Puerto Rican Age Group Heptathlon events for boys and girls aged 10-13 inclusive, allowed a number of parents, the media and athletics enthusiasts in the country to come out and share in the excitement.

The potential was self-evident and the sponsors would come forward in the future, especially since the venue would be the same for the next two years.