The changing nature of our athletes

All recalled their school days and the importance attached to representing one’s House and school in sport.
Teachers did not have to pressure athletes to come forward the children were will and eager to showcase what they had learnt.
Athletes were encouraged to understand the importance of sport to their physical and mental well-being and to strike that delicate balance between their academic work and their sporting involvement.
Travel was costly for many parents and athletes did much to help raise funds to make representation possible. Opportunities to travel and represent school and country meant much to the young athletes and they grasped each opportunity with both hands seeing the pursuit of excellence as a most admire endeavour.
National uniforms were treasured items that had to be returned for lack of funds.

Vincentian Athletes Today
In contemporary St Vincent and the Grenadines, the society itself is in a sort of malaise that bodes no good.
The malaise of decadence that inflicts Vincentian society today impacts negatively the sporting arena.
In almost every sporting discipline there is evidence of the significant decline in family values.
Athletes lack respect of anyone, including themselves.
Many athletes seem to think that society owes them and that national sports associations ought to be grateful that they have condescend to become involved.
As with society at large the young athletes do not generally know anything about time management and punctuality.
Many students have grown accustomed o forcing their parents into purchasing the latest brand name shoes and clothes before their academic books. This has often been carried over into sport where athletes seem to think little of the uniforms that their respective national uniforms can afford. They desire the best without any regard for the financial status of the associations involved. They eagerly point to the uniforms worn by athletes of other countries without regard to the latter’s ability to acquire same either through funding or the outstanding performances of their athletes.
National uniforms are no longer respected and athletes can be seen wearing the latest uniforms on the streets the very day after returning home from competition abroad.