The changing nature of our athletes

Today’s athletes demand selection merely on the basis of having taken the time to become involved and think little of the achievement of established standards.
Performance is paid little or no attention.
Poor performances are met with the casual shaking of the shoulder followed by a commitment to attend every party to which they have access. There is no remorse and no feeling that somehow the society has been let down.
The examples of excellence and national pride shown by athletes of other societies seem to mean nothing to many of our athletes.
Self respect is often lacking and so too is the discipline to balance education with sporting endeavour.
Respect for coaches, technical officials and administrators is a scarcity in sport as is the case in the wider society.
Parents seem to have abandoned their responsibility to their children in terms of the inculcation of values that are critical to life today. Consequently the children who turn to sport do not care. They do not know how to care. They do not have the capacity to share.
Many athletes are selfish and steal from each other with wanton disregard. It is common for athletes to lose money and equipment while at training sessions with their peers with no one anxious to claim responsibility or to provide information.
There is a chronic lack of national pride and love for the nation among many of today’s Vincentian athletes.

Help Needed
We need help.
There is an urgent need for reflection and a meeting of minds in respect of recapturing Vincentian society.
Together we can put an end to this malaise; this infection of Vincentian society.
What is today the norm in sport is but a reflection of the malaise that impacts Vincentian society like a sort of creeping paralysis.
This society is ours and if we wish to live in it and not fear for our lives we have to work together to fashion it for the future.