The chase for new athletics thresholds and attendant woes

Some may also suggest that the same stakeholders may be seeking out innovative methods and aids that are as yet not on the prohibited list of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) but which are known to be of great assistance in their performances on the field of play.

New thresholds
In virtually every sport we have seen a push for the establishment of new frontiers in terms of performances by athletes. The issue is not restricted to track and field athletics. We see it in every sport.
In every sport we see individuals being pushed to establish new records to carry the sport to new heights.
We are all enthused at the capacity of man to perform better today that our predecessors did yesterday or the day before.
It as simply amazing to watch Alexander Popov set new world records in the pool some time ago. We watched as Ian Thorpe set new standards in Sydney and again in Athens spanning a few years. We now have the Michael Phelps phenomenon with an amazing eight Olympic gold medals and seven world records achieved in the process. Other swimmers also took their respective events to new heights at the Beijing Olympics.
Carl Lewis established new records in the 100m and the Long Jump. He watched in awe as Powell broke the Long Jump record at the IAAF World Championships in Tokyo, Japan in 1991, a record that still remains. The 100m record has been broken several times. When Donovan Bailey set a new mark at the Centennial Olympics in Atlanta, some thought it would take some time for this to be broken. Not so. Soon enough the 100m continued on its trend. Asafa Powell took the 100m records through several stages before the onset of Usain Bolt in 2008.
Usain Bolt set the world alight with a new 100m mark of 9.72 secs., in New York. Later he won three track gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, all of them were in world record times. In the 100m he set a new record of 9.69 secs., followed by the 200m record of 19.30 secs.
Isinbayeva took the Women’s Pole Vault to new heights toying with the audience after demoralising the other participants.
Cycling witnessed amazing performances from the British contingent winning an array of gold medals and setting new marks in the 400m team pursuit.