The Cricket World Cup woes loom large

This all seems an integral part of our culture as Caribbean people.
Some may even suggest that this is one of the dark sides of our Caribbean culture.
The pace to meet deadlines set by the ICC for CWC2007 may give us good reason to be concerned about the cost increases across the region.
Caribbean Governments, anxious to please and without the hardcore statistical supportive evidence, continue to commit their respective already scarce resources to the CWC2007 projects even as they express their own concern over rising costs.
They dare not retreat
Although they may not have verbalized it, the other political leaders across the region may well be hoping, like Gonsalves, who stated, “Clearly, what we are putting down here and the monies which we are spending, we need to be able … among other things, to organize sporting and cultural events so that we can make some money”
Is this all wishful thinking?
To many it may be just tha
t, wishful thinking and nothing more.
There can be little hope of recouping anything even remotely close to the monies being expended on a project, the CWC2007, that the Caribbean leaders do not yet begin to understand.
CWC2007 is not of their making nor are the fruits accruing therefrom theirs to enjoy.