The desire to Cheat pervades International Sport

Fair Play
Roger Jackson et al, in writing the Sports Administration Manual for Olympic Solidarity, stated that:
“Fair play demonstrates attitudes and behaviours in sport consistent with the belief that sport is an ethical pursuit. It does not include acts of violence, cheating, drug abuse, or any form of exploitation in an effort to win. When elements such as these are introduced, the true competitive spirit is lost and there remains no purpose for sport.
Fair play does not only mean adherence to written rules; rather it describes the right attitudes of sportsmen and sportswomen and the right spirit in which they conduct themselves; showing respect for the other and care for his or her freedom from bodily or psychological harm. Fairness is trying to put oneself in the place of the other and acting accordingly. Fair play is first of all a matter of personal commitment of the individual.
The international governing body for football, FIFA, has taken fair play on board and commences each major international with the Fair Play Anthem.
Unfortunately the way the game is played on the field does not always suggest that the players and officials remember the content of the Fair Play Anthem at all.

Doping in Sport
The matter of the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport is not at all new.
There are some researchers who would suggest that the use of such substances in sport dates back to the origins of competitive sport.
Some suggest that even in the days of the Ancient Olympics athletes used performance enhancing drugs in order to win and show their physical prowess and enjoy the glory that came with it.
Of course in the sport of kings, horseracing, it has long been known that handlers have used performance enhancing drugs to help some horses win and so facilitate larger earnings for the owners, trainers and jockeys involved in the sport.
When modern sports became popular and under the scrutiny of officials and especially under the clinical microscope of the international media, the world came to know of the extensive use of drugs by athletes in several different sporting disciplines to cheat in order to win at all costs.