The desire to Cheat pervades International Sport

There is a suggestion that athletes in sports that require calm, such as archery and shooting, witness athletes using marijuana. The calming influence of the drug serves to allow them to perform better.
Some suggest that the heavy demands of such grueling events as the Tour De France and the ATP Tennis events are enough to lead athletes to use performance enhancing drugs to maintain the competitive edge.
Athletics competitions have come under closer scrutiny especially since a number of athletes have begun to significantly challenge the norms of human endeavour with their speed and endurance capabilities.
What has become clear to many, especially the researchers at the World Anti Doping Agency, WADA, is that the desire to win is so great given the large financial windfalls that are attendant thereto that athletes are willing to do almost anything that would give them an advantage over their fellow competitors.
The use of drugs is cheating, plain and simple. This has not made it any less attractive to athletes.
Indeed there is an ever-increasing number of physicians who appear only too willing to assist athletes in ‘beating the system’ by developing ‘performance enhancing cocktails’ that are designed to improve performance while at the same time mask the components of the drug so that the drug testers at the competition are none the wiser even after extensive testing.

Fixing Competitions
Perhaps one of the more popular forms of cheating has to do with the fixing of the sporting competitions.
In horseracing it has been quite common for stakeholders to reach agreement to fix races. At times it is the jockey who has some deal with others to hold back the horse so as to allow another one to win.
Jockeys have been penalised for example for not riding out the horse to its full potential. They have also been known to steer their charges into the middle of the pack so as to make it extremely difficult to move when required and so justify the poor performance of outstanding horses.
In boxing it has been well known that handlers also fix matches. Many have been involved in large bets against their own boxers. The history of this sport is filled with examples of shady dealings in this regard.
Of course there are stories in abundance of officials, referees who have been involved in some of these deals as well.