The drug mockery of contemporary international sports

Trevor Graham, Gatlin’s coach, may well be among the first to be targeted by the international athletics family since the Johnson/Francis era.
Writing in USA TODAY, Dick Patrick’s article was headlined, Graham can’t outrun questions.
Patrick observed that “Graham seems to have perfected the ability to be caught in the spotlight yet remain in the shadows”.
According to Patrick, some “say Graham, who never has been charged by federal or USADA authorities, has learned a lot about doping.”
Patrick drew on some important information. He stated, “In a December 2004 ESPN The Magazine story, Conte wrote, ‘I’ve given packages of performance-enhancing drugs directly to Trevor.’
“According to information leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle, C.J. Hunter told federal investigators Graham provided performance-enhancing drugs to Jones and transported drugs for her to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where Jones won five medals. Jones, who has repeatedly denied drug use, was married to from 1998-2001 to Hunter, a shot putter who tested positive for steroids in 2000.
“The Chronicle also reported Graham, questioned by investigators, denied supplying drugs to Jones or other athletes and never had seen or heard of Jones using drugs. Montgomery, however, said he turned down steroids and human growth hormone offered by Graham but did use steroids provided by Conte, according to grand jury testimony obtained by the Chronicle.
Of much concern to Patrick and other
s is the fact that Graham has been the coach of several athletes who have been in his charge yet he has emerged unscathed every time.
“Montgomery is on the long list of runners who have worked with Graham and been charged with doping. Michelle Collins, Jerome Young, twins Alvin and Calvin Harrison, plus Dennis Mitchell have received doping bans. Montgomery faces a lifetime ban and is awaiting a Court of Arbitration for Sport’s decision, expected to be announced in October.
“Veteran coach Connolly contends Graham should be out of coaching. ‘Any coach who has had athletes banned needs to be banned, too,’ she says. ‘Coaches need to take responsibility. They’ll say they can’t know if their athlete is using drugs. I don’t care how dumb they want to play. They know.’”