The drug mockery of contemporary international sports

At successive IAAF Congresses since 1991 St Vincent and the Grenadines’ governing body for the sport has been adamant that the penalty should be an immediate life ban even for the first offence and coaches and physicians found to be involved should suffer the same fate.
The position of Team Athletics SCG has always been that the international protagonists of the fight against performance enhancing drugs are short on examples of the deleterious effects of these drugs on athletes. Dead athletes tell s nothing since their physicians and family deny their involvement in the use of these drugs in their death.
Athletes who have tested positive are not followed through life such that the sporting world can witness changes to them physically and otherwise.
Until more evidence is provided of the much-touted deleterious effects there will always be athletes willing to take the plunge for a few dollars more. In such pursuits they are always likely to find unscrupulous coaches and physicians whose desire for fame and fortune seem more important than the well being of the athletes they help to a life of drugs while capable of performing in sport.