The embarrassment that is West Indies Cricket

One Day International
Enter the One Day International game of 50 overs each team and the crowds show great interest and enthusiasm. For the ICC and many cricket pundits this variety would certainly have the fans screaming. They were right; at least for some time.
The One Day Internationals allowed for the fulfilment of the cricket fan. He/she is able to leave home and watch an entire match knowing that at the end of it all there would be a definitive result.
In the Caribbean of course we made the entire One Day International a gigantic fete. The Party Mound emerged and the Antiguans led the way in ensuring that the sport was transformed into a major spectacle that involved everyone.
ly the umpires allowed music between overs and even between huge hits of fours and sixes as well as at the fall of wickets. In the case of Antigua and Barbuda the after match fete in the car park was a remarkable addition to the day’s entertainment.
We can add the fact that in the smaller countries the governments supported the One Day Internationals by granting a holiday to allow the nation to enjoy itself.
With time, however, many began to ponder the quality of the opposing team before deciding whether to venture to the cricketing arena or to spend a day with family and friends on the beach or engaged in some other adventurous exercise. Gradually therefore the One Day variety of the game began to lose patrons. Once more the coffers of the WICB were hard hit and this continues to be the case today.
Of course the experience of the WICB hosting the CWC2007 remains one of the darkest days in the ICC history. While the WICB continues to boast of its success there is little that is heard in a positive light from the ICC or any of the other major players in the competition.