The game of football and Vincentian politics

“Failure to comply would automatically result in a situation where the National Sports Council would not process or forward requests for funding to the National Sports Council, the National Lotteries Authority or the Ministry of Finance and Planning. Request for the waiver of Airport Departure taxes and duty free concessions etc would meet similar fate. These measures are not intended to be punitive or draconian, rather they are to ensure transparency and accountability. They would also assist the National Sports Council in regulating the use of facilities and ensure that associations’ fixtures do not clash.
“Additionally, the funding agencies must be aware, before hand, of the nature and scope of requests for funding so to adequately prepare to meet such challenges.
“The National Sports Council should be in a position to ascertain whether an association is democratically run and that their executives are bona-fide – that elections are held when they are due to be held and that their constitutions are adequate for the needs of each association.
Associations must be reminded that their national programmes and calendars of events must first be prioritised in numerical order so that the National Sports Council could, before hand, assess prioritised needs.”
Under the Section 1 of the document the manager read:
1.    Grants to National Sports Associations
1)    When and how requests should be made
All requests for financial assistance for the promotion of or participation in sporting activities of a regional or international nature must be made by clubs through their National Sports Organization and submitted to the National Sports Council no later than June 30th, prior to the year in which the sports activities are to be promoted.
Submission by this date is necessary to facilitate the preparation and presentation to the Ministry of Finance for the annual National Budget and to the National Lotteries Authority (Financial year runs 1st August – 31 July).
Government therefore should not be considered responsible for failing to accede to late requests.
Requests must be submitted under the following headings
One readily understands the importance of the presentation of the NSC’s Manager; it is important to state here that the contents were only being discussed by the NSA’s for the very first time. For many it was the first occasion at which they saw the document.