The game of football and Vincentian politics

The understanding however was that the document is in need of an extensive overhaul and that this would be undertaken at the earliest opportunity. Such an overhaul should inevitably involve all stakeholders.
The current system in vogue does not always lend itself to the best interests of sports development in the country. All too often NSA’s are informed of the forwarding of their submissions to the NLA and it ends there. The NSC does not necessarily get involved thereafter.
Indeed it seems reasonable to assume that the NSC ought to see the entire process through so that it rather than the NLA responds to the associations making the requests.
Several NSA’s have been unable to access funding from the NLA having submitted their requests through th
e NSC and being in possession of a document indicating that the request had been favourably considered by the organisation and forwarded to the NLA.
This is untenable.
The new protocol must be unambiguous.

Resolutions Are Important
All sports have problems regarding facilities and there is no need for acrimony of any sort from any quarter.
Conflicts need not necessarily be trumpeted into political fracas. They ought to be thrashed out among the stakeholders, all of whom should approach the bargaining table with enough room for the application of reason, flexibility and a genuine commitment to the best interests of the sports development process in St Vincent and the Grenadines. This latter aspect should facilitate a willingness to compromise.
The facilities must be shared and each association involved must understand that until such time as we each have our own facilities there must be compromise.
We are also aware that when the Arnos Vale facility was developed for the first major international match here in 1971 it was understood that it was also the designated home of cricket. If that is the case one remains at a loss to understand why it is that the NSC to this day has not been sufficiently committed to the national sports development process to facilitate the development of a home for football, the nation’s most popular sport.
At present and given the performance of the Vincy Heat in the Digicel Cup one would have expected that all hands would have wanted to be on board so as to facilitate their optimum performance. This would have meant ensuring access to adequate training facilities.
The response of the NLA to the SVGFF relative to Victoria Park is insensitive as it is backward. It does not leave the door open for dialogue but instead slams it shut in their faces.
Resolutions often begin with dialogue.
One does not want to impute politicking here again. Instead one craves for a concerted effort at facilitating the search for meaningful solutions.