The many challenges of the Beijing Olympics

The various World Championships in different sports taking place during the course of this year are a good indication of the state of preparedness of athletes everywhere.

The Beijing Olympic Games is already being forecasted as a boon for the sports development process of China with some suggesting that the hosts will break all records for medals won by the organising country at an Olympic Games.


Tickets for the Beijing Olympics were a premium even before went on sale. China is the world's most populous city and there is little doubt that we can expect full competition venues even before consideration is given to visitors from overseas.

Indeed the IOC has grown very concerned about this aspect of the Games and wants guarantees that an adequate number of tickets will be available to the international community to ensure their attendance in their numbers at the events.

The BOCOG boasts having seven million tickets for the Games. Sales contracts have been signed with 132 NOCs. By June 2007 orders for tickets exceeded 4.9 million.

The BOCIOG has committed itself to adhering to the traditions and protocols of the IOC relating to ticket sales and everyone hopes that this will indeed be the case.


Perhaps one of the most worrisome challenges facing the BOCOG and the entire Olympic Movement is the level of pollution characteristically associated with the city of Beijing.