The Minister must step in now!

None of the national sports associations were ever formally invited to this particular institution and were also never privy to its agenda, deliberations and decisions. For all intents and purposes the Advisory Committee seemed to have been something personal to the Minister since nothing was ever communicated to national sports associations from this institution.
Sadly, when the CWC2007 Local Organising Committee wanted to discuss its plans for the various sporting fields during our hosting of the warm up matches, it was the advisory Committee that it invited to a meeting.
When the CWC2007 Chief Executive Officer was approached on the matter and informed that the national associations of Athletics, Football and Rugby had never formally been involved in the changes that were taking place and were, for the most part, dislodged rather unceremoniously from their regular practice haunts, he was shocked. He indicated then that he was under the impression that the organisation the LOC had met with was in fact representative of all of the governing bodies of sports in the state.
Despite an appeal for an appropriate meeting to be held especially with the aforementioned associations in order that they may be involved in the decision-making process, none was ever realised.
With the departure of Mike Browne from the Ministry it died a natural and rapid-fire death. The burial service was never announced and one can only conclude that this was the case because its birth was never heralded.

Current status
The failure of the Local Organising Committee of the CWC2007 to engage the associations that utilise the fields under their charge in any serious discussion relative to their plans for the future has been a colossal blunder. The net result is a chronic shortage of practise fields for the respective disciplines in the area with the highest population concentration, Kingstown. This reflects the remarkable lack of understanding of sport and all aspects of its development in the best interest of the participants.