The Minister must step in now!

Concern for the youths of the nation must be a priority not just for political gain in terms of votes during national elections but for the overall well being of our people and their future.
There has to be a revision of the existing facilities and their usage relative to their viability. There has to be a determination of what the government sees as the best developmental sporting options for the next five years and a commitment made to facilitate growth in these areas through the provision of fields for training and competition, equipment, coaching, regional and international competition.
The Minister must bring the national sports associations together to engage in meaningful discussion. Since taking office this has not happened. It is certainly overdue.
The Minister must review the existing structures for the development of sport and address the requisite changes. He must take harsh decisions and quickly, albeit based on sound and critical analysis informed by relevant expertise.
Thus far we are wasting resources by flogging the dead in the hope of some miraculous revitalisation. Progress does not occur that way.
Minister Beache can ill afford to be tardy any longer.
His action is needed and urgently so.