The News’ Sports celebrates 17 years

Sometimes we are too close to what is happening to recognise that we are part of something larger and more significant than ourselves.
Sometimes, too, we fail to recognise that w are part of the creation of history.
That may well be said of The News newspaper of St Vincent and the Grenadines and of all those involved in its humble beginnings.

In 1989, a grouping of three journalists in St Vincent and the Grenadines took the bold decision to start a new national newspaper that they called rather simply, The News.
The News newspaper officially began operations on 23rd June 1989. It is not always that we as Vincentians recognise that so much time has elapsed already. It seems as though the newspaper only got started a mere few years ago.
The very first edition of The News was a Special Issue. It was the full results of the 1989 General Elections which were won by the New Democratic Party, NDP. The NDP won all 15-seats and the front page of The Special Issue of The News simply stated, “Shut Out.” This was but a small taste of what was to come once the paper got into full swing.
It was a very bold decision because for most Vincentians the only major print media of significance was The Vincentian, which had a long established legacy.
Of course there were other newspapers of one sort or another that emerged from time to time and in different styles but none really stayed around long enough to pose a significant threat to The Vincentian newspaper.
Given the entrenched nature of the Vincentian at the time there were many who thought that The News would not last very young, especially since with all due respect they thought that the main founders of the paper were relatively young.