The News’ Sports celebrates 17 years

The News even stood up to Austin ‘Jack’ Warner in 1992.

Over the 17-years of its existence The News has grown literally by leaps and bounds.
Despite the many challenges confronted The News has been expanding its reach well beyond the shores of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the homes of Vincentians at home and abroad.
The impact of The News and its authoritative content added to its fearless reporting has ensured its popularity, leaving the other weeklies in its wake.
The number of readers continues to rise despite the many accusations that have been thrown in its direction.
Many of the original personalities associated with The News have moved on for one reason or another but the paper has continued to grow and impact on everyone and everywhere.
It is common for the nation’s leading talk show hosts to frequently quote The News as an authoritative source. The same can be said of many of the sports commentators in the nation.
The nation’s sportspeople, in whatever discipline, are ever eager to get their hands on the weekly News so much so that even when it arrives in the state later than the other newspapers it is still a fact of life that it sells faster than the rest.
The reach is important to the growing number of sports enthusiasts in St Vincent and the Grenadines and remains one of the organisation’s most significant achievements.

To the future
The past 17-years of The News were not without controversy and endless challenges.
There were times when many thought that the organisation was losing its focus. Some even argued that the Sports Pages were declining and that was something of a travesty.