The NOC in celebratory mode

The NOA has as its primary objective the promotion of Olympism. The NOA has therefore become an integral part of the universal Olympic family whose all-inclusive policy is intended to rise above the narrow and destructive force of ethnic, gender, religious, political and racial discrimination.

Since being established the NOA has been presenting a weekly radio programme entitled Olympism, hosted by Justin Douglas. The late Calvert Woods and Harvey Farrell, members of the NOA, later joined Douglas in developing the programme which continues to this day.

The NOA has been responsible for the organisation of the annual Olympic Week celeb
rations that aims at highlighting the importance of sport to the development of mankind in a peaceful, friendly environment in which people are respectful of each other.

Sports exhibitions are also an important feature of the activities of the NOA as well as the coordination of sports leadership training programmes for affiliates and community organisations.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the work of the NOA has been the establishment of an innovative programme, the Junior Olympians, which caters for children aged 8 – 15 years, introducing them to the lofty principles that characterise the International Olympic Movement.

The NOA selects individuals to attend the annual Sessions of the International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece. The first Vincentian participant was Lynnette Baptiste, then a member of the NOC Executive. Persons who attend the IOA Sessions are automatically members of the NOA upon their return. They are usually expected to aid in the promotion of the ideals of the Olympic Movement.

The NOA, in the spirit of regionalism has held adult Sessions that have been open to representation from the OECS and Sessions for Junior Olympians from around the entire Caribbean.