The NOC in celebratory mode

Celebration Time

During the years that have passed the SVGNOC has emerged as the primary national umbrella organisation for the respective sports associations in this country, including those that are responsible for non Olympic sports. The resources that have been accessed by the organisation have been spread amongst its affiliates and none can claim to have been neglected in any way.

The SVGNOC has fulfilled its mandate of participating at every edition of the various Games from which it has responsibility. Unfortunately, participation has been limited by the failure of many of our sportspeople to make the requisite standards established by the different IFs. Nevertheless the SVGNOC continues to make available to its affiliates developmental programmes to remedy this problem, placing full responsibility for qualifying back in the hands of the respective national sports associations.

While there are evident ‘straws in the wind' in the Olympic Movement in St Vincent and the Grenadines the SVGNOC has nonetheless attained a significant milestone and therefore has good reason to bring all of its affiliates together to celebrate what has been achieved thus far.

One expects that the SVGNOC will take time to review its work over the past several years and plan the pathway ahead to facilitate the cultivation of a national sports culture in St Vincent and the Grenadines.