The passing of Calvert Woods


Calvert was born August 13th 1964 to Joan Woods and Calvin Lewis.
He grew up on Kingstown Hill and at the age of four years eleven months was enrolled in the Kingstown Methodist School where he attended until the age of ten.
He continued his education at the Bequia Anglican Primary School then on to the Bequia Anglican High School.
Calvert made friends with his classmates but none of these ever reached the stature and longevity of that which he established with a person he never sat in class with. That friendship began in 1984 and lasted through to his death. That long lasting friend is Harvey Farrell.
Calvert was proud of his heritage. He would often laugh at the myopia of those who threw snide remarks in his direction, citing his Bequia sojourn as the influential factor.
Many of those who did so did not appear to know that he was born in St Vincent and spent his early formative years there.
Calvert never made them any wiser. He simply moved on, hoping that this would eventually change and that the day would come when Vincentians would see themselves as one people despite the water that separates the small rocks of which we are constituted.