The passing of Calvert Woods

Calvert – The Teacher

In the June 1984, he successfully completed his secondary education. On November 5th of that same year, he joined the teaching staff of the Bequia Anglican Primary School.
He returned to St. Vincent in September of 1989 and was enrolled as a student at the Teachers College.


Calvert graduates from UWI

Calvert never looked back. He went on to the University of the West Indies, St Augustine where he rose to the leadership of the Vincentian Students Association there.
Calvert taught at the Questelles Government, the CW Prescod Schools prior to going to UWI and on his return was posted at the Campden Park Secondary School.
In every institution where he taught, the staff experienced a special togetherness engendered by the infectious personality of Calvert Woods.
It did not matter who the student was, where he came from or the social class to which he/she belonged, Calvert displayed an indefatigable spirit to be of assistance and encouraged diligence.