The passing of Calvert Woods

Calvert – Mr argumentative

Wow! What an argumentative man!
How he spoiled for an argument!
Wherever Calvert was at any given point, it was highly probable that his voice could be heard great distances away, engaged in heated yet always friendly argument, and no one would be in doubt as to whose voice it was.
The argumentative path was integral to the personality of Calvert Woods.
It did not matter where he was or the nature of the occasion: Murphy’s Shop, Staff, NOA, Athletics or Teachers Union Meeting, at home with family and friends, to say nothing of the moments engaged in playing dominoes or Peedro, it was all the same, the argumentative Calvert Woods was always in evidence.
Of course, one of the hallmarks of Calvert’s arguments was that Harvey Farrell was almost always a part of it. There were times when, even in his absence, Harvey somehow featured in Calvert’s arguments, by way of emphasising some point or other.
The beating of the counter with the index finger of the right hand was integral to most arguments. It was a means of driving home the point almost as if he were driving a nail into the woodwork of the table or desk.


Calvert as a Bequia Anglican High School Student