The passing of Calvert Woods

Whenever he did not agree wit the point of the others involved in the argument, there was always the hasty and rather loud bellows: Hololololololo! It was an apparently crude mechanism that was effective enough to dissuade the opponents from holding as steadfast to their points as he did.
To dare to have a different view was to start an argument.
To be truthful, the argument never really ended. One always got the impression that it was, to be continued.
Yet, such was the remarkable nature of this man that there was no rancour following any argument. The argument concluded and everything returned to normal. In fact, perhaps it would be true to say that the argument was normal to him and did not allow him to see the others involved as enemies in any way.
It should come as no surprise if I told you that as he entered the hospital for the last time, he was asked, what do you do? His response was proudly, argue.