The passing of Calvert Woods

Calvert – The Trade Unionist

Calvert’s penchant for argument and solid adherence to his points made him a prime candidate for the trade union movement. Add to this his great deep desire to battle the good cause and his love for his fellowman, and one only begins to glean some insight into the profound commitment to service that he displayed first, as a member of the Teachers’ Union, later as an Executive Member, then President.
Following his years at UWI, Calvert immediately returned to the Teachers’ Union, winning easily the position of Vice President – a position he occupied until he died.
There is no one in the Teachers Union who would deny Calvert’s unquestionable loyalty to the cause of teachers in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Of course there were times when his youthful exuberance may have caused him to adopt positions on issues affecting the membership relative to their employer. On such occasions, Calvert was a fighter who would not relinquish the struggle.
His belief in fair play and social justice did not permit him the latitude of abandoning the struggle. He thought that partisan politics had no place in trade unionism and fought to stay the hands of those who thought otherwise. His great appetite for work enabled him to facilitate the activities of the union in his hectic schedule.
He liked trade unionism and more particularly, the Teachers Union.