The passing of Calvert Woods

Calvert – The sports personality

Calvert was always an avid sports enthusiast. He followed almost every sport.
He prided himself as a sportsman himself. He insisted that he could run as well as play cricket and football. As far as many others were concerned, however, Calvert loved sports more than sports loved him.
Calvert sought to involve himself in the sporting activities of the students at every school to which he was assigned. He did this regardless of who had the responsibility for sports at the institution.
Calvert successfully completed the IAAF Level # 1 Coaching Certification Course in Track and Field Athletics and was selected for the Level # 2 Course at the Regional Development Centre in Puerto Rico.
It was while being president of the Teachers Union here that he brought the Caribbean Union of Teachers’ Biennial Under 15 Track and Field Championships to St Vincent and the Grenadines. Needless to say it was one of the more successful editions.
Calvert began coaching athletes in earnest following his coaching programmes.
His involvement in athletics soon saw him elected as Interim President of the then SVGAAA in 1998. This position he held until he left for UWI in September 1999.
While at UWI, Calvert ensured that he did a minor in Sports Management at the faculty of Physical Education and Sports, which had only recently been established at the St Augustine Campus.
As a member of the National Olympic Academy, the educational arm of the NOC, Calvert attended the International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece. He was devoted to the work of the NOA and was co-host of the popular radio programme, Olympism, with Harvey Farrell.
Calvert was a National Course Conductor for the NOC. He conducted several lectures in the development of sports leaders, coaches, officials and Junior Olympians.
Calvert was the first of two successful Vincentians in the Executive Masters in Sports Organisation Management under the University of Lyon, France.
He was the TASVG designated participant for the IAAF’s inaugural Technical Director’s course in San Jan, Puerto Rico, July 2005.
He offered his services to any sporting organisation that was sufficiently interested in having them, and this without charge.
At the time of his death he had been involved in an initiative to develop club structures in national sports organisations across the nation.
He had also recently completed a SWOT analysis with Team Athletics SVG and had produced the organisation’s first Marketing Plan.