The passing of Calvert Woods

Calvert – Mr Generous

If any individual deserves the title of Mr Generous, it is Calvert Woods.
Nothing was too menial for Calvert to do for anyone in need.
There are tales aplenty, all imbued with fun-filled moments, of Calvert’s easy-going generosity of spirit. Once it was within his capabilities, Calvert would render service with grace.
He found time to be generous as if it were forever available. His was a reliability that was outstanding, even if he was a trifle late.
His proffering of an excuse for being late was supposed to allow you time to appreciate the fact that he was there and would fulfil his duty of being generous yet again.
The fact is that he came, he served, he did so with gusto and remarkable pleasure, regardless of the nature or the time of the task. There was always a cheerful Calvert being at your service.
Calvert’s generosity was such that he would rather do without if it meant affording others the opportunity to benefit instead. You must believe that there were occasions when Calvert placed the needs of others ahead of those of his own family, simply because, in his own way of seeing things, he thought that they had more that those others and the latter should be given an opportunity to get on a better footing.
We speak so often of unsung heroes in the world. Here was one of those very precious souls the core of which was sheer generosity.