The passing of Calvert Woods


Calvert and Lydia – Wedding Day

Calvert – The family man

Calvert was very committed to his family, above all else.
He saw his family as his life itself and gave thanks to God for them.
His family was his delight. There was never a day that Calvert failed to show and shower his unquenchable love to every single member of his family.
Wherever he was he would take the time to let the family know where he was – not that he was planning to leave there any time soon.
He delighted in hearing the voice of his children – Cadia, Precious and Angel – and valued every moment with them. His was an endless devotion to ensure that his wife and children were adequately provided for and that they lacked nothing. In his life his family meant everything.

The final chapter

Calvert held steadfast to his strength of character through to the end, as he did with his dignity.
Indeed, Calvert was a man of many parts, many sides, all entertaining; all enjoyable.
He was possessed by a magnanimous generosity that would never be forgotten by anyone who had the pleasure of getting to know him.
If I know Calvert well, and I believe that I do, he would have insisted that I end this in the only way he knew.
He would turn to me and say:
Lo Keith, just tell them for me, Tha’ Easy!