The politics of the fight against doping in sport

The international media gathered almost daily outside the IOC Family Hotel in Athens waiting in vain for the organisation's leadership to stand up and be counted. The leadership did the ‘jig' and avoided confronting the real issue during the Olympics and later appeared to have wanted the IAAF to deal with the issue, after the fact.
Interestingly too the IAAF also seemed to retreat and the matter was laid to rest without as much as a whimper.
How then are we supposed to believe that the IOC or any of its affiliates is serious about the fight against doping in sport?
We simply find it incredible that the IOC and its affiliates are in an
y way serious.

Latest salvo
Following the Osaka meeting of the IOC Executive Board the following are the new, supposedly innovative measures to take the fight against drugs in sport further:

  • Athletes could be banned from taking part in the Olympic Games in the event of violations of anti-doping rules during the Olympiad having led to sanctions of more than six-months.
  • Automatic suspension after a positive A sample.
  • The IOC could reserve the right to reduce penalties on athletes and their entourage found guilty who wish to cooperate and provide valuable information on suppliers, networks and any person involved in the doping chain.
  • The IOC could impose strong financial penalties
  • Strengthened rules on Therapeutic Use Exemptions, TUEs.
  • The IOC reiterates its call upon governments to sign the UNESCO Convention as soon as possible.

The reality is that the IOC is now prepared to behave like a major Government, offering drug cheats the opportunity to get significant reduction in their sentences if they agree to a plea bargain, providing valuable information on those involved in the business of promoting and using performance enhancing substances.
Clearly the IOC appears blinded by its own perception of international importance. If the leadership of the IOC follows the international criminal drug business they would recognise what eventually happens to those who enter plea bargains by providing information on those with whom they once worked in the dirty business.
They eventually end up dead.