The politics of the fight against doping in sport

How long will it take for this to happen in the world of sport given the fact that illegal drugs in sport could yield mega bucks for those involved? Is the IOC prepared to facilitate a witness protection programme?
Who will protect the cheats who speak out on other cheats?
Of course these are difficult questions that we have not yet considered in the world of sport.
Additionally we must become very concerned at the fact that when we accept plea bargains and reduce the sentences of those who provide information we are allowing these drug cheats to return to the sport in a shorter time frame. We are offering them a chance to make money once more with no guarantees that they would not return to their old habits.
In our haste to bring back those who squeal on others we seem to be forgetting the plight of those who stayed clean all of the time by virtue of their commitment to fair play. We may also be forgetting the impact that all of this will inevitably have on our children, many of whom have already indicated that they are willing to cheat to win. They seem to perceive this as the way of the world today.
As yet the world of sport may be turning on its own head while spinning top in mud.