The Stanford Impact – For better or worse!

The International Football Federation, FIFA, has produced the quadrennial World Cup that has become so lucrative that the organisation has been able to distribute some of its financial largesse among its affiliates around the world to the tune of $1m USD every four years. Footballers have become millionaires for adept use of their skills and they have been able to traverse the world that, for them, has now become borderless.
Boxers have had their day. Mohammed Ali brought the sport to a high-paying level with his boxing skills and his mouth.
Lance Armstrong has been able to show the world that there is money to be made in cycling.
Sumo wrestling has become a million dollar sport.
The sport industry has spawned a slew of professions that have proven to be quite attractive and lucrative. We have managers and agents of athletes, sport psychologists, masseurs, coaches and coaching staff, sport marketing experts, sport event presenters, among an ever-growing list.
There are also the sport equipment and sportswear manufacturers. Nike, Adidas, Puma, to name a few, have all grown into major brands through their involvement in sport.
Then there is the matter of endorsements. Like Michael Jordan before him, Tiger Woods has been able to become a modern day Midas. He is one of the most sought-after sporting icons in the world in respect of manufacturers wanting his endorsement.
Ticket costs for sporting events involving the world’s professional athletes have skyrocketed and yet the fans keep going after them.
Some sport clubs have become global in their reach. Such is the case with Manchester United and Arsenal of the United Kingdom. Their fan base is no longer restricted to their homeland but literally expands across the globe.