The Stanford Impact – For better or worse!

Stanford’s Twenty20 began by flashing money in the faces of the players of the region. Had he chosen to go outside of the WICB he would still have been successful since the cricketers would have followed the same path as those who followed Kerry packer in the 1970s. Money runs things.
That one team could have won $1m USD in the Twenty20 tournament was enough of an attraction to all of the cricketers in the West Indies and the WICB was clearly stumped. It never considered that it could have adopted a similar strategy. It lacked the will and the competence and still does.
Stanford has been offering money as the main attraction. We are yet to see quality cricket but he has been pouring money all over the place in the sport.
Stanford is a business man and can be credited with vision. He recognised the potential of the Twenty20 version of the game and the impact of money on the players and the countries they represent.
Stanford’s contract with the so-called cricketing legends of the West Indies remains much of an embarrassment for some who were once committed to progress as Caribbean people but one cannot deny these former players the opportunity they now have to enjoy the kinds of monies being poured into their pockets, even if they find themselves in advertisements that others may well have found distasteful and reprehensible.

Stanford versus England
Stanford’s newest cricketing venture pits a Stanford select team from those involved in his Twenty20 competition against England at his ground in Antigua and Barbuda. The match is not likely to be much of anything in terms of the sport since England is still struggling to regain former glory and the region’s cricketers have long since lost their way.