The Trump Tournament and SVG Sports Tourism

In our case, we had learnt nothing of this activity before and the year’s ‘Ins and Outs’, our premier tourism magazine, is already produced and distributed; so too are our major tourism posters.
Even as our local media repeated almost verbatim the news item as it emerged in Manhattan, none of our chattering nabobs questioned the absence of any reference to St Vincent and the Grenadines, of which Canouan is a part, nor did any of them see the need to establish contact with the Minister of Tourism and Sport or any local tourism personnel in respect of ascertaining a view from this end.
The local journalists also did not seek to establish contact with the authorities at Raffles Resort or at the Trump Golf Club on the island.
The local media failed to establish any connection from the St Vincent and the Grenadines side of things to embellish the story and make it more relevant to our local populace.

Get Real
There is always too much talk and too little action in respect of the way we go about things here.
We cannot merely satisfy ourselves with mouthing empty phrases about sports tourism, we have to get real. We have to act decisively.
The Minister of Tourism and Sport would have to be pro-active, beginning with getting an office from which to operate, if we are to be on top of sports tourism.
Sports tourism is a veritable goldmine and we can reap immense benefits. However, it is important that we ensure that our media houses establish themselves as bastions of journalism and not the habitats of chattering nabobs.