The wellness revolution – evidence of chronic slothfulness

For all intents and purposes the current administration has failed to consistently develop a national sports development strategy. One of the reasons for this seems to be the fact that the Prime Minister is a master of micromanagement and his poor knowledge, understanding and appreciation of sports does not permit his direct involvement in anything to do with sport other than to seek here and there to engage in some construction, much of which is politically driven and vote seeking.
The current Prime Minister will be hard-pressed to convince anyone but himself – and even that would be a rather difficult undertaking – that his interest in sport goes beyond vote catching.
Some may recall the leadership's seeming preference to engage in a vote-seeking walk-through the East Kingstown constituency when all the nation was aware that St Vincent and the Grenadines were involved in an encounter with Nicaragua at the Arnos Vale sports complex. The latter activity seemed to have held no real interest for the leadership. Only after the noise level from the complex indicated success for the local team did it appear that the party seemed to have found reason enough to take themselves over to the Arnos Vale sports complex to bask in the glory of the team's performance.
It is an indictment on the local media that following the conclusion of the game which SVG won handsomely that they first sought to interview the Prime Minister rather than the team captain, the victorious players and the leadership of the Football Federation. Indeed on Television the sports news featured the Prime Minister's comment on the victory even before that of the captain or anyone else related to the actual playing of the game.
Some may recall the embarrassing situation that occurred when the World Cup Support Committee's representatives, Earl Crichton and Brian Glasgow, met with the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, to discuss the Federation's undertaking and obtain Government's commitment and support.
Quite unlike Michael Manley, Dr Gonsalves seems to have little more than a political interest in sport and historically has certainly failed to show any genuine commitment to sport as a vehicle for national development or physical education as an integral component of the wellbeing of the peoples of this country.
The National Lotteries Authority is now more than ever before the political plaything of the ruling regime, without any clearly elucidated policy and programme.