The wellness revolution – evidence of chronic slothfulness

Rather than establish and empower the National Sports Council on solid professional grounds the ruling regime has instead left the organisation as a moribund instrument of political patronage and the National Lotteries Authority has been handed the prized possession of the Victoria Park, a slap in the face for the NSC and its membership. It is as if the government of the day is holding the view that the NSC cannot manage a money-making sports facility.
The construction and reconstruction of facilities across the nation pay absolutely no attention to the growing number of Vincentians who have adopted their own approach to wellness, not waiting with bated breath on a politically motivated wellness revolution to get themselves organised.
We have produced playing fields for cricket all over the place, first and foremost, then others are informed that they could be accommodated, seemingly once cricket does not wish to have their use. The authorities never advise those eager to remain fit or engage in recreational wellness exercises that some place is allocated at these venues for their usage.

The Wellness Revolution
The sudden interest in a wellness revolution can only be perceived as little more than another distraction on the PM's part. The real problems of the nation are still out there bothering the genuine development of the nation, clamouring for more urgent attention.
We have had what the ULP continues to claim is an education revolution where the parameters keep shifting to make an impression on an unsuspecting public.
Now we have the same charismatic drive towards a wellness revolution where the intention seems more to do with distracting the nation from its many social, economic and political ills and less to do with the genuine improvement in the health condition of the people who occupy the space we call St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Perusal of developments in the region will readily indicate how long the administrative authorities in sport have sought to make the vital link between national physical wellbeing and mental alertness and levels of productivity among the peoples of a nation. For years several organisations have drawn attention to the case made by sporting organisations in other nations relative to this important link. The health problems diminish significantly in a nation when the people strive to maintain high fitness levels. Unfortunately, much of this advocacy has fallen on deaf ears as far as governmental authorities everywhere in the region are concerned.