The wellness revolution – evidence of chronic slothfulness

In the meantime we will continue to play with the statistics on the nation's murder rate, make excuses for the increase in the number of dangerous weapons that our students now take with them on their person or in their bags, turn a blind eye to the state of HIV/AIDS in the country, do little to stop the wanton spread of rape and incest across St Vincent and the Grenadines and allow our school children to expend resources on cell phones engaging in their indiscriminate usage, rather than address the critical issues related to their educational development.
The concept of a revolution for just about every course of action that the current administration pursues is merely an attempt to lay claim to initiatives and innovativeness at the political level. The activities have long since been in train but unfortunately, in the haste to lay claim to another ‘first' the ruling regime cannot bring itself to making linkages with anything that was started before its own accession to political leadership.
Indeed we can only be saddened by the seeming failure to rise above the limitations imposed by charismatic leadership to the experience of rational-legal authority where we can all be involved and allowed to make inputs based on our individual and collective merits.