The WICB saga heats up

Deyal writes a column for the Trinidad Guardian and one wonders whether this was the basis on which it was determined that he might have been the one to leak the information.
Deyal, for his part, appeared awestruck by the letter of dismissal.

Peters’ leave
It appears that the decision of the WICB to send Peters on leave at the same time that Deyal was dismissed was just as hasty. It appears that the WICB in its wisdom felt that Peters, as CEO, might have been somewhat tardy in responding to the article in the Trinidad Guardian. It may well be that the WICB felt that the article required immediate damage control and that the CEO did not act swiftly enough to stop the wagging tongues across the region. The damage was already done and the image of the President of the WICB as well as the WICB itself may have already been irreparably gone under.
Like Deyal, Peters expressed surprise at the decision of the WICB and indicated that he was seeking legal advice. He was also quoted as saying that he understood that Deyal may also have been pursuing a similar course.

Legal intervention
Indications are that Peters did not waste any time in seeking and obtaining legal advice in an effort at mounting a stout defence. Indeed, he appears to have gotten more than just that. The regional media have already highlighted that Peters’ acquired the services of regional legal buff, Anthony Astaphan, of Dominica. Astaphan is of course most familiar to Vincentians given his involvement in the Ottley Hall Inquiry.
Astaphan wrote the WICB on behalf of Peters demanding that the letter from the organisation sending Peters on leave should be immediately withdrawn.
The next thing we have heard is that Peters has been invited to meet with the Board.